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We wish to PAUSE with you.


Here at Pause Warrnambool we provide personalised chiropractic services to Warrnambool and the surrounding communities. We're not just chiropractic, we see the importance of whole health, which includes self care for the body and mind.  This is where our Warrnambool yoga and Warrnambool meditation services come in, all in the one place.    

Chiropractic. Meditation. Yoga. 


Our PAUSE approach . . . 


meet bridget

Bridget grew up on a dairy farm in the rural community of Illowa with her parents and four siblings.

Bridget graduated from RMIT University in 2013. Warrnambool welcomed her with open arms as she settled in and practiced as a chiropractor. During this time she extended her skills in Functional Neuro Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and integrated mindfulness breathing into her treatments. 

Recently having 2 years from work, Bridget dropped everything she knew and everything that was comfortable to challenge herself, to learn from other cultures and to connect with these cultures in a meaningful way. In taking a step away from the known and the comfortable, she was able to create a space for inner growth and deep self-healing. As a result, she has come home with an extra spring in her step; revitalised and happy to be back in the profession. 


If you couldn’t guess, Bridget enjoys meditation. She has been trained as a meditation teacher at the Gawler Foundation in the Yarra Valley under the guidance of Paul Bedson, Maya Bedson, Ian Gawler and Ruth Gawler. Bridget has completed 80 hrs of teacher training and has been guiding the Warrnambool community since the commencement of her training in 2016.


She has also extended her personal training through Vipassana courses, The Gawler Foundation and extensive training in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu.

Her favourite moments are spent walking along the beach with dogs or exploring the natural surroundings. She enjoys reading, baking, sewing and bike riding. 

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meet yoshi

As a child, Yoshi had a dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Shortly before commencing his flight training, he undertook eye tests which confirmed that he was colour-blind. After having his eyes clinically diagnosed, he suffered from a painful jaw issue. He visited many different health care practitioners, however could only find relief with chiropractic care. This incidence would turn out to be a blessing in disguise and lead him into chiropractic studies.

After completing his studies, Yoshi worked throughout Australia, spending time in Arhnem
Land, Townsville, Warrnambool and also travelled to Samoa where he worked alongside local
physiotherapists providing care to members of the community.


Yoshi is an active member of the Warrnambool community volunteering his time with the
Kirrae Health Service, running weekly balance classes for residents at Anchor Point and
providing gentle movement workshops at the Archie Graham Centre.


Having recently become a father, he is experiencing the rewarding challenges that come with
parenthood. He has also developed a keen interest in neuro-development and is currently
completing a two-year post graduate qualification in neuro-developmental paediatrics.


A city slicker at heart, Yoshi grew up in Melbourne, visiting Warrnambool regularly to visit his
cousins and grandparents. He now lives in Warrnambool and is glad to call South West
Victoria his home.


When Yoshi isn’t in the clinic or changing nappies, you’ll find him cooking, teaching yoga,
trying to surf, or fishing.



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We offer Warrnambool chiropractic services that are unique, comprehensive and tailored to your individual needs. 


Yoshi brings a fresh approach to his Warrnambool yoga classes; with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the body you will find yourself in safe hands.


One-hour guided meditations with Bridget in Warrnambool offer a reminder to find the stillness within.


This is a two-month meditation based course for people suffering in chronic pain. It brings chronic pain sufferers together where they can listen, learn and support one another. 


Coming soon. 



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