and consider : 


Patience is a virtue. When we experience pain we want it to go away as soon as possible and we’re willing to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, pain does not simply disappear just because we want it to. In our quick-fix mode of thinking we expect modern medicine or alternative therapies to provide us with the final thing that will relieve us of our suffering. Patience is one of the pieces to this indeed complex puzzle; the willingness to be patient, to be still.



When we are in pain, the idea of allowing or accepting it can seem counterintuitive and somewhat unnatural to us. How can you possibly allow
something that is literally unbearable? We allow the unbearable, undesirable sensation by meeting it in a new way. We drop the resistance when possible; we learn to open to the vulnerability when we allow what is here to be here. This does take practice and can seem difficult or even impossible in the beginning.




Gain a firm understanding of what is happening in our present experience. When it comes to persistent pain, we need to ask these simple questions: What is happening here? Why is this happening? How is this happening?



When the mind is still and silent, our experience changes drastically. Silence is indeed the vital piece to this puzzle and it contradicts the previous step of understanding our chronic pain. When silence is experienced, wisdom arises. The knowledge that surfaces from within is the very fuel that propels us deeper into our journey.


Pain can often feel unmoving, stagnant, and unchanging. However, when we open ourselves to learn new things, learn new ways of meeting pain, we have the ability to rewire our brains. We can literally change our brains neurological structure using our prefrontal cortex, which is what makes us uniquely human. Using strategies that promote new thinking and new behaviour we will find ourselves changing, growing and evolving into something new.





For individuals who experience chronic pain:

If you feel lost in your experience, overwhelmed by your pain and haven’t found the right tools to move through this suffering and discomfort, we have designed a meditative course specifically for you.

It is an opportunity for self-discovery. Our aim is to educate and employ a positive self-care model for you within a calm and safe environment. Through the body, mind, emotions and thoughts, we explore what it means to suffer and it’s effects. Through this participation we create a small community of like- minded individuals who listen to one another, understand one another’s suffering and most importantly support one another.