We offer a range of services to assist you 


Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare with an emphasis on the spine, nervous system and how this relationship affects overall health. Chiropractors are trained to assess, diagnose, prevent and manage neuromuscular issues of the body.
At Pause Warrnambool we ensure that every treatment is suitable to every age, presentation and personal preference. You are our priority and it’s important to us that we cater to your individual needs. Combining active care into your sessions, we include specific exercise, dietary and lifestyle
advice. We believe this to be important in order to reach your health goals.

Our chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques, which will be adapted specifically to you, ensuring the best possible outcome. This further training has included Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Sympathetic Dominance, Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), Activator, Dry Needling, Rocktape, Functional Neuro Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FNOR), soft tissue and myofascial release techniques.

New Patient sessions: 60-minutes

Individuals that have never attended Pause Warrnambool or those who have not seen us for 1.5-years or more are required to have an initial consultation.

During the initial consultation we will take the time to have a comprehensive
discussion with you about your condition. We’ll listen to you and hear your story. We will find out what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. We’ll ask
questions regarding family history, lifestyle choices and certain risk factors that may be involved in your presentation. Following a full examination of
orthopaedic, neurologic, muscle testing and movement, we will then make the
informed decision as to whether we can help. If we decide that you may not
benefit from this particular care, we endeavor to refer you to the health care
provider that is correct for you.


We are dedicated to encouraging an active role in our clients individual healing; this includes active participation in rehabilitation and implementing a range of self-care strategies (sleep, diet, movement, rehabilitation, yoga, meditation).

If a client is not willing or not ready for this particular style of active self-care, it is our duty to address this issue and discuss the potential of referral to a
practitioner that is more suited to the individual.

Follow up sessions: 20 minutes

These chiropractic sessions enable the client to maintain their care with the assistance of a range of treatment techniques. Here you will discuss how you are responding to the treatment, any issues you may be having and how you might like to change. We will ensure the client is taking an active role in their rehabilitation program and all further recommendations. Each follow up session will be different and dependent on how you are feeling, with the intention to
improve your movement, diet, encourage relaxation and good sleep hygiene.


There are some individuals who will require longer treatment times and will be advised to schedule a ‘long consultation’.

Follow up long consultation: 45 minutes

Long consultations are 45 minutes in duration and are necessary when
implementing new techniques or strategies that require additional time. It will be at the discretion of the chiropractor as to when these are necessary.

Home visits in the Warrnambool and surrounding communities are also
available for chiropractic sessions.


Yoshi has been a yoga practitioner for over 15 years, following in his mother’s footsteps, who is a trained Iyengar yoga teacher.
Yoshi completed his yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India in 2017. 

Through his deep passion and understanding of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, Yoshi combines specific and deliberate movements of the body into his classes, incorporating breath work and mindfulness. To ensure a safe practice, blocks, straps and chairs may be utilised in classes.
Physical flexibility and experience are not prerequisites of yoga but a willingness to be open and curious to yourself, whilst being present throughout the practice is far more important.


Yoshi holds regular weekly classes for those new and familiar with the practice of yoga. 

All classes run for one hour and are $15. Classes passes are also available for purchase.
For more information please contact us on 5565 8992 or book your class in bookings.



Friday mornings 6.30AM-7.30AM -  silent group meditation 

These sessions are specifically for those with meditation experience and are wishing to continue their practice with the benefit of a group setting. The

importance of meditating in a group is to connect with the collective experience, which in turn deepens and strengthens our individual practice.
Each group session is in silence; this is an essential component to these gatherings as it encourages an inner strength to experience awareness of the
present moment. It is a powerful hour filled with the sweetness of silent still meditation. The more that join us the better!

This session is a gold coin donation.

If you feel that this may be of benefit to you but are put off by the length of the session, we also welcome those who can sit with us for 30 minutes. If you are having any further doubts and have a deep desire to join, please get in touch with Bridget.



Monday nights: 6.30pm-7.30pm- Introduction to meditation for beginners – 6 week course- CURRENTLY POSTPONED

This course has been designed specifically for beginners to mindfulness meditation. It is a once a week commitment for 6 weeks, whereby the
participants will be guided to go beyond the surface of the mind, the excessive thoughts, cravings, addictions, reactions and aversions and move into a calm,
grounded place of presence. This does not necessarily come easy. We have become accustomed to our habitual patterns of thinking, and it may seem like it takes initial effort. With Bridget’s assistance, guidance and patience, she will simply show you the first step of directing your attention inward.


The course includes lots of practical meditations to take home, exercises based in gentle movements, group discussions and homework.

Spaces are limited. Cost is $10 per class.

Please contact us directly if you have any financial difficulties and wish to apply for financial assistance.